Dec 24, 2009

Brush Haul + Update

I'm back!
I got one more semester of school left and that means back to makeup! I've been obsessing so much more with makeup these past few weeks.. I thought I'd revive this blog.
So anyway, before you get bored, I thought I'd post my latest haul.

The three brushes on the bottom are by Quo, from Shoppers Drug Mart (Canada). I bought these about a week ago, when they were 40 per cent off. Actually I think they're still on for that price until tomorrow (Dec. 24). From the left, it's the Eye Smudger Brush ($7.79 after disc.), Crease Blender Brush ($7.79), and the Blush Brush ($9.99). I think I'm going to return the Blush brush though because I found the bristles were too rough comparing to the EcoTools brushes, which are also pictured.

So the ones in the special bamboo case are by EcoTools, I believe Wal-Mart and Zellers sell them, but I got mine from Winners. If you go to their website,, the packaging is different now, it's in a hemp case. According to the box it says they're retailed for $25, but I got them for $19.99. It comes with these brushes: blush, eye shading, angled eyeliner, concealer, and also a lash and brow groomer (it's kind of hidden the photo above, sorry!). What's good about this set is that the brushes feel amazing, they use Synthetic Taklon, exactly like some of the Sephora brushes, Urban Decay brushes, etc. Apparently I'm helping the environment by buying these tools so why not? Haha!

Anyway as I mentioned earlier, I will be returning the Quo blush brush because the EcoTools one is softer. More on that on a future post.

Onto the Ojon Rub-Out Dry Cleansing Powder. It's dry shampoo, and since I personally only wash my hair every other day, I thought I needed this. It literally is powder in there, and trying it on my boyfriend's hair one time, I am telling you, it works. But again, more on that on a future post.

Next is the Sephora eye liner in 01 black. Yes, it's liquid, and it has that little paintbrush as an applicator. I had initially wanted to try the marker style eyeliner from them but the SA advised me that it would be really hard to remove at the end of the day. Lo and behold, the swatch I made on my hand stayed through about 30 hand washes. So I bought the paintbrush tipped one.

Finally, the tarte the eraser. This is actually my second tube--I had to return the other because it was a bit too yellow for me. I think this one might be too, so once the holidays die down and I get organized once again I shall go to Sephora and fix that.

A review of all these items will be posted soon, and hopefully you all enjoyed my haul.

P. S. I'm thinking of making more videos on Youtube... maybe reviews/hauls/tutorials? That kinda thing?


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