Jan 27, 2010

Getting rid of bloodstains on clothing

Don't let the title scare you.
I'm just going to tell you an old tip--or a trick, rather-- on how to get rid of bloodstains on clothing. You may not need it now, but it might just come in handy. I myself just used this tip on my own sweater (I still have no idea where the streaks of blood came from, scary!).

All you're going to need is h2o2, aka hydrogen peroxide.

Image from http://inconvenientbody.files.wordpress.com

Here's how you do it:
1. Pour some into the cap.
2. With a paper towel, blot the solution into the stain or pour the solution directly onto the spot. This of course depends on the size of the stain.
3. Watch the stain disappear as you rub it!

P.S. I did this to my sweater prior to throwing it in the wash.

It works like a charm.
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns!


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