Apr 7, 2010

Amazing Cosmetics no longer sold in Canadian Sephora stores!

Yes, you read right, you can't find Amazing Cosmetics at Sephora anymore!! I went to Sephora yesterday to buy my Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer ($42 USD) and I couldn't find the section! I thought maybe they moved the store around again.. but I asked an associate and she said they don't sell them anymore. I won't be able to tell you when they got rid of it though.

The only time I find the perfect concealer, they get rid of it. Has this happened to you?

Oh well, this means I have to go across the border to shop for makeup.. and then some (clothes!). Should I get the TEMPTU airbrush system? It's really pricey though at $225 USD.

Have you or anyone you know tried the TEMPTU system? I've read and watched reviews and it seems like it's worth it. I just don't know where I'll get the $225! Good thing the Canadian dollar has been in near parity with the American dollar lately!


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