Jul 7, 2010

Random ramblings

So Germany vs. Spain was today. I was at work and couldn't watch it at the bar with the boyfriend and friends. I got to go downstairs where the game was playing though, and there were a bunch of other employees watching! It was pretty wicked because it seemed only one person was cheering for Spain. And when the game was over, no one was cheering, we all went up the elevators quietly...

Anyway, I think Germany didn't play their best today. Perhaps it was because they were missing Muller. And I think they did in every way. They needed him. Darn Paul the Octopus. How could an octopus predict a winner?!

On a lighter note, I bought new shoes online at Aldo. I've been looking for oxfords/brogues in grey and somehow they had the most perfect one I've seen and also at an affordable price. It's even better that I bought it on sale! Used to be $55, now $29.98 or something like that.

I hope they still have sizes in stock, because last time I called Aldo, there were two in a Woodbridge location and one at Sherway Gardens.. I've been looking for these or so long and I might just get my hands on them soon!

Aaaand guess who's birthday it is this Friday the 9th? Yes... I'm turning 22! And I'm going to Great Wolf Lodge with my family + Patrick.. for my mom's birthday. Haha!

Her birthday was the 23rd of June but the celebration was postponed to the 9th! So yes, Great Wolf Lodge in two sleeps!

In other news, the new Associate Beauty Editor started today, and her boyfriend had flowers sent to her! All us girls were gushing 'how sweet' and 'aww!' It really was the sweetest thing.

So anyway, no beauty updates as of yet, I am in the process of writing reviews and a summer essentials post.

Does anyone know how to take product photos? My photos always have shadows :(


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