Aug 27, 2010

Updates: Temptu, Clarisonic

Here's some news that's worthy of a quick update!

The long-awaited Temptu airbrush makeup is finally in Canada! As of yesterday the 26th of August, the airbrush system is available at Sephora stores! I'll post the price list when I can.

I've heard that the reason why it wasn't being sold in Canada before is because of health concerns with the machine..

I don't think I'll be buying one though, because it's too expensive!

And speaking of expensive, the boyfriend caved in and bought me a Clarisonic MIA from theshoppingchannel!

I've been using it for a week and a bit now, so I've seen some results. I'll have a review coming up soon.

Hope everyone's day's been great!

xoxo, Alexis


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