Sep 11, 2010

An open letter to the beauty magazine I interned at:

Dear "beauty magazine",

Thank you so much for letting me become part of your team, even if it was just for the summer! I learned so much valuable information about the industry, about its people, the products, and the work ethics. I never would have been able to learn all of that if it wasn't for you guys! Thanks for letting me do more than what a typical intern would be expected to do, and 'beauty editor', thanks for giving me a chance to write a beauty 'story' so that I can have a tear sheet!

I had a lot of fun while I was there, and I really hope I can be back there in the future. You know when people try something out before they dive right into it? Well for me, I definitely want beauty writing to be my career. Interning there for four months made me realize that. So now, I'm back here on my blog sharing my own experience with other makeup lovers.

Hopefully we'll cross paths again someday, maybe when I am a full-fledged beauty editor? But until then, a never ending thanks for the amazing four months!

former 'beauty intern'


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