Jan 27, 2011

Ford Supermodel of the World

So I have been completely out of the loop with my being unemployed and sulking at home and whatnot, but I was reading one of my dailies, Styleite, when I came across an article titled, "Is The Asian Models Trend Just A Trend?"

Let's hope not.

But, what caught my eye is that Ford's Supermodel of the World 2010 winner is a fellow filipina! Her name is Danica Magpantay.

Photo from Fordmodelsblog.com

Congrats Danica! Wish you lots of success!!

The other night, I was looking through Olivia Palermo photos online and came across this photo:

Don't tell me you don't think she's frikkin' gorgeous and can I say brave? I myself have not been blessed in the chest department, and seeing Olivia rock it at the beach is such an inspiration. She always has such beautiful style, and being at the beach wearing next to nothing, she still strikes me as elegant. I don't care if she's a b*tch.. (on The City, at least).

Speaking of inspiration, I'm going to try and start eating healthier starting with breakfast. I don't eat breakfast as it is, only because I'm lazy and can't get my unemployed butt off my bed by 11 am. But, we all start somewhere, and hopefully tomorrow it's for me. I'm working on getting as toned as Olivia up there on that photo.. can't have my tummy sticking out farther than my chest.. haha!


What do you think of today's post?