Feb 16, 2011

Valentine's Celebrations

This past weekend has basically been a four-day celebration for Valentine's Day. Friday--the boyfriend and I hung out at home after his work and watched Spartacus. Saturday--I went to work and then we went to The Keg for dinner (more on this later!). Sunday--we went snowboarding at Blue Mountain, and finally Monday, I went to pick him up from work and I surprised him when I sent flowers to his work! I was surprised as well with a beautiful bouquet of handpicked flowers when we got home.

The Keg was such an amazing experience. It was our first time dining out for V-Day, and our first at restaurant. After waiting for an hour and a bit to get seated, we were brought to a booth in the back with no one sitting next to us. We were in this corner and we really got lucky because we thought we'd end up in the middle of the dining area! It was definitely worth the wait. I ordered the Prime Rib--it was amazing, I highly recommend it.


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