Mar 1, 2011

everybody's [else is] workin' for the weekend

Had a pretty busy weekend, with that birthday party on Saturday night and snowboarding Sunday. The club was alright, though I must admit I felt a bit outside of my element. It wasn't my kind of crowd nor my kind of music. Let's just say I'm not going back there anytime soon.. But I did manage to get one decent photo out of it, sorry my whole outfit's not shown--

My boyfriend's cousin Denise and I
Cropped black top, Rock & Republic jeans, Chinese Laundry boots, vintage braided belt

I don't usually wear jeans + top when I go clubbing but I really didn't feel like dressing up that night. But in other news, guess who scored vintage Christian Dior earrings on eBay? I'm on my third one for the month of February, and I'm already eyeing another pair by Sperry.. someone stop me! Or not. I already told Patrick I'm starting a collection.. my future daughter's going to love it. None of them have arrived yet though, so for now you'll have to settle for their seller photos:

My first pair: unbranded cream and gold braid pattern clip-ons

Signed white and gold woven clip-on Sarah Coventry's

Latest acquisition: Signed Christian Dior Faux Pearl & Rhinestone

I'll take more photos once I get them. I gotta start a log!

I'm a bit upset about the fact that yesterday may have been the last day for snowboarding this season.. I've gone seven times so far so at least I got my [boyfriend's] money's worth in terms of the season pass. Going every weekend has definitely helped with my carving, now I'm looking forward to next season! But before that, I've got to look forward to summer, which I really don't mind at all.. I'm a summer kinda person. As much as I love snow (minus the cold), I love being able to wear denim cutoffs and not have to wear layer after layer after layer then throw a winter jacket on top of all of that.

And I'll get to wear my new floppy hat. Wee!


  1. Nice. I love that you are a fan of vintage earrings. I'm personally not a fan myself. I mean, I prefer necklaces but I doubt so much the vintage kind. Maybe cause I usually think it wont look good with my face shape. At least with a necklace, I'm more confident with it. Do you have any say on rings? I'm on the hunt for a cute, simple ring. Something that fits the ring finger. Silver gold, or silver would be nice. But with my budget now I would not be able to get it.

  2. Hey Getsy! I've only recently been introduced to vintage jewelry and I've fallen in love ever since! I'm intrigued by the history that comes with it!

    If you're looking for fun, affordable rings, I usually go to the Forever 21 website and see what they have. They always have cute jewelry that fits within the budget! I hope you find what you're looking for, good luck!


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