Mar 13, 2011

I wanna rock and roll all night... and party everyday

I went to my boyfriend's cousin's 25th birthday at a lounge last night. The lounge was open solely for his birthday, and his two favourite DJs were playing for us. Can I say luxurious by association? Haha..

Anyway, I thought you guys would want to see what I wore:

Mine: Costa Blanca dress, H&M bow belt, Aldo shoes, Fossil watch
His: Gap dress shirt, Gap trousers, Floyd derby shoes, Banana Republic belt, American Apparel bow

I just love my Patrick's shoes.. they're by Floyd, from Little Burgundy. The leather is buttery soft! And he's actually wearing red socks.. too bad you can't see them here. Oh and his bow tie is actually a large hair bow.. yes, two in one! Now that he doesn't need it anymore, I can keep it for myself.. expect to see it on a post soon!

Here's some more:

It's Edelsonne's birthday!

With Bryan, another cousin!

And another one for good measure.. with my sister's boyfriend in the background haha!

As you can tell I prefer taking pics from my left side.. haha!

If you're from Toronto and are wondering where this was, it was at Pacha Lounge. Overall it was a great night seeing friends and cousins!

I also found out that people do read my blog.. when people mention it to me I can't help but blush! Thanks for supporting my blog, please do visit again!

In support of relief efforts underway in Japan, I donated to Red Cross. If you'd like to do so, please go to to donate online or call 1-800-418-1111.


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