Apr 1, 2011

Current obsession: backpacks

So I haven't found my perfect one yet, but I've lately been craving to buy a backpack (no, not the JanSport kind!).Can you imagine how much easier it is to carry everything around? This set includes the Fossil one I've been looking at, but at the moment I have no funds to buy it... I'll probably shop around for a more affordable version.

Oh and I'm thinking of getting my hair done.. it might be a bit drastic, and no, I'm not lopping off a huge chunk of it. More like a colour change from my current brown hair.

Also, today is April Fool's Day! Thank gosh I'm way past the high school point of playing pranks.. unless a really good one comes along. And today marks the boyfriend and I's 53 months! Yes, I still count. But, whatever keeps it fresh right?



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