Apr 27, 2011

Trench coats, anoraks, blazers, oh my!

Now that we're nearing warmer, sunny weather, I'm sure you wonder what to wear during those mid-temperature days. Enter trench coats, anoraks, and blazers. For days when your trusty Canada Goose puffer proves too warm, opt for something lighter. Variety is key; just like there's no such thing as owning too many shoes, you can never own too much outerwear. Keep in mind the material of your jacket--breathable is best when you want to rock outerwear during warmer days. You'll notice I've chosen to stick to one of springs hottest colour trends: neutral--blush, peachy, cream.

1. Burberry double-breasted trench coat, $950 CAD
The classic Burberry trench coat can be worn with anything and everything.

2. butterfly by Matthew Williamson waterfall jacket, $88 CAD
I love the way this camel jacket looks relaxed-yet-polished because of the belt tied in a bow.

3. Topshop full skirted trench coat, $170 CAD
Such a dressy coat! Reserve this coat for when you feel extra flirty!

4. Todd Lynn linen-blend blazer, $1,875 CAD
This piece is particularly pricey, so look for something similar with embellishments to dress up an outfit.

5. Nina Ricci drawstring anorak, $1,570 CAD
Another pricey piece, but I love the button-less look and the cropped sleeves.

6. Isabel Marant linen-blend blazer, $785 CAD
I love clean-cut blazers. Scrunch the sleeves up to your elbows and you'll instantly look casual chic.


  1. Wow. It's a good thing I cam across this post. I've been wanting to get one but I wasn't sure. Because I wanted a trench coat versatile for spring and fall(at least for the warmer fall days). I really love number 2 and 3. Where would you suggest I find seemingly cheaper prices but still good quality trench coats?

  2. I have a trench coat from H&M from about one or two seasons ago and it's still in amazing shape. It's still the same as the time I bought it! I think they have more current trench coats that's worth checking out. Or try Forever 21!

    Good luck in your search :)

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