Apr 7, 2011

You've got to keep on truckin'

I wish it was easier to carve a path for yourself in this world. I took being allowed to choose whatever I wanted to take in school as a privilege. There have been many times when I would wonder if I'd ever make it in this industry. But the point is, you've got to keep truckin'--is that what they say?

Aldo hat and boots, Charlotte Russe tank, GAP pants

The thing is, you have to have faith in yourself. No matter what happens, trust in God because He has already carved out a map for you. You just have to ask him to guide you through it.

I like to think that something good is about to happen; well, only good things can come out of that right? 


  1. Keep on truckin' Lexi! You'll make it if you believe! Trust in God!

    You look super gorgeous in those pix! Keep doing what you do! I absolutely love your taste in fashion and merchandise! You should be a stylish.


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