May 2, 2011

DIY Ombre Hair

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 Rachel Bilson will forever be my original ombre inspiration

I finally did the ombre hair on myself. While it did take me about three days (including 'rest days' after bleaching my hair), I must say I'm glad I did it myself. It sure saved me $150++ if I got it done at the salon! I'm not going to say it's super easy though, but it is doable. It takes patience (which I was lacking!) and practice!

I've bleached my hair before in my 'rockstar' 'skater girl' days... don't act like you didn't go through a phase haha! I've used Manic Panic in Cotton Candy Pink with Manic Panic Flash Lightning bleach, don't ask me to look for photos (ick!).

Here's a photo of everything I used, which I bought from Sally's Beauty Supply:

- L'Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach
- ion Color Brilliance in High Lift Ash Blonde
- Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer
- Salon Care 40 Volume Creme Developer

I basically used a 1:1 ratio for the bleach and 40 developer, and the ash blonde dye and the 20 developer. I should've used a 30 developer with the ash blonde dye because my hair didn't turn out ash blonde, it just lightened it further and got rid of some brassy tones.

Here's a rough how-to:
1. On dry, unwashed hair (I waited until at least a day after I shampooed my hair), I apply a mixture of Quick Blue and the 40 developer. I wrapped the hair in foil and play the waiting game.
2. I wait 45 minutes and rinse the bleach off with tepid water.
3. I repeat the process two more times. Most would recommend waiting a few days before repeating the bleaching process but from past experience my hair can take a few sessions.
4. After the three bleaching sessions, my hair has turned quite light, and after washing the bleach off, I condition it.

A few days later, I repeat the process once and after that, I use a mixture of the Ash Blonde dye with the 20 developer.

I would usually use a toner to get rid of the brassiness, but I saw the ion product recommended on YouTube so I thought I'd give it a try. Well, it did get rid of the major orange tinge in my hair but it didn't lighten it completely--I think that was my fault for using a lower volume developer.

Anyway, after waiting 45 minutes for the ash blonde dye to sit in, I wash my hair and conditioned it.

And voila, ombre hair!

A trick to make the harsh line between bleached and non-bleached hair is to apply some bleaching mixture on that borderline. A couple of bleaching sessions should do the trick, you just want to soften that rough edge of where the bleached part starts.

If you guys have any questions, or would like me to film a tutorial for the iheartblush youtube channel, just leave me a comment!

p.s. I'm getting tempted to dye the tips pink...

xo Alexis


  1. hi im bleaching my hair too and im using the same 40 vol developer i do have one question though. i bought the salon care quick white powder and in the package it says use one packet and apply three fl ounces of the developer, is this right? or should i follow the 1:1 ratio?

    1. Hello! I'd recommend following the 1:1 ratio, or until the mixture is creamy. Using this ratio will give you a higher and faster lift. p.s. Be careful not to get any product in your eyes; use my advice only as a guide, I don't guarantee results, just sharing what worked for me :) Good luck!

  2. instead of doing all that hard work would it be possible to like do the ends first, leave it for a certain time, then apply it higher up the hair, more time and then higher again? or would the time difference not matter ? im bleaching my (virgin and very porous) hair tomorrow, so yeaah, but thanks :D

    1. Hi May! Sure you can do the ends first if you prefer, it's really the same thing except you're doing it in reverse :) Good luck!

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