Oct 9, 2011

Back for good!

Sorry I hadn't updated my blog since June. It may be an excuse, but that's what I started my full-time job at the brokerage and I've had no time ever since. Well anyway, no more excuses!

Quite a bit has happened during the summer; my first summer where I was working full-time. Last summer, I was at Glow three days a week. Oh how I miss being surrounded by beauty products..

Well anyway, this past summer consisted of going to the beach, New York/New Jersey for a week, my birthday weekend camping, and... working. I like working full-time though, $$$.

NYC/NJ was the highlight of my summer, I went with Patrick's family. I don't feel the urge to move there as much as the day/week after I left, but it's still there--I know I'll be living there someday, if not for my 'future' job at Conde Nast! I also ended up getting my Alexander Wang Rocco from their Soho flagship so lots of good memories there. Patrick's uncle took us to the Conde building, and my photo turned out rather tourist-y.

Outside the Conde Nast building

In Soho!

At Central Park with Patrick

I miss Jersey for the no-tax shopping. It must've been five out of the six full days we stayed there that we spent our time at Garden State Plaza, aka GSP. What a bad (good?) place for a shopaholic.

My birthday was also an eventful weekend, my family and Patrick's went camping together (third year so far!). Let's just say I don't want to relive that same night I can't seem to remember fully. I blame it on the Baluyuts (cousins!). Oh and the boyfriend got me an iPad 2 for my 23rd; I was ready to buy it at Best Buy and he just told me he'd buy it. I've named it Sumo, like a sumo wrestler.

Moving on to more recent news, I am in the market for a car. What initially started as a search on AutoTrader for a Volkswagen less that $5,000, I ended up test driving a $16,000 Fiat 500. Granted, the Fiats are ridiculously cute and would suit my style more than a Volkswagen Golf would, but I'd rather be done paying for a car that takes me from A to B within 36 to 60 months. The Fiat would've taken 84. With that said, the budget has gone up, and I'll be checking out a 2010 Golf City after work today with my dad and Patrick. There's still plenty of time in my future to get my 1-series..

As for my current job, I'm really starting to enjoy it because I've recently been given the title of 'social media "guru"' by my boss (and got a raise at my 3-month evaluation! Weeeee!!).

Anyway, everything else is going really well, oh and I almost forgot, I went to the L'Oreal beauty sale about two weekends ago. I decided to ditch the Dealuxe designer sale that same day and thought I'd be spending less at the beauty sale. I was totally wrong. Wrong wrong wrong.
Now before this turns into a novel I'm going to end it with a request for your donation going towards cancer research. I've teamed up with my office, we're riding the bikes for 200km next summer, and I've got to raise $2,500 by then. So help me out, it's for a good cause, every amount counts! Thank you!! Click here to make a donation.


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