Oct 11, 2011

October faves

I've been absolutely obsessed with every single thing on this set. 

I've been wearing my brown stack-heeled peep-toe booties at work, they go with absolutely everything! Dresses, tights, cropped pants, wide-leg trousers, you name it! 

As usual, I pair my Alexander Wang Rocco with every outfit.

I also wear my Minnetonka mocassins for every outfit that calls for cool, casual styling. 

The Wilfred Dauphine jacket I got last week has so far been worth it, if you base it on cost-per-use. I'd wear it every single day if I could! 

And lastly, my latest obsession, layered friendship bracelets. My brother made me a braided friendship bracelet about a month ago and I've been on the hunt for layer-able beauties ever since.

Oh and p.s., I forgot to include it here, but I just bought myself the Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S camera. It prints out these vintage-looking Polaroid style, credit card-sized photos.


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