Oct 13, 2011

Which shade's best?

I'm in the mood to change my hair. Actually, I've been in the mood to change my hair. A month after I've had my ombre hair, I already felt like changing the colour. But I held off, waited until fall season came in, and here we are; so I've plunged back into my search for the perfect brown shade.

For the past month or two, I've been bookmarking photos of gorgeous brown hair. I've also been looking for a haircut that would add volume to my otherwise 'flat' hair, as my mother called it.

But here comes another dilemma, where do I go to get my hair cut and dyed? Should I go back to my old stylist? She cut my hair when I had that short Posh-bob thing going on, so maybe I should give her a shot at cutting long hair?

Anyway, I thought I'd share with you guys the shades I'm looking at (not cut). Feel free to add your suggestions with hair stylist, colour/shade other than brown, and hair cut.

Is it even fair to put up a Jessica Alba photo on here for inspiration?? Haha!

Sunny golden brown.. more summer appropriate?
Should I get a more gradual ombre a la Mila Kunis?

I swear I had more photos than that.. they're most likely on the iPad, so I'll update this with more photos by tonight.


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