Jan 16, 2012

Updates galore!

Hey everyone! Hope you all had an amazing holiday! Sorry I hadn't been active on my blog lately, just been busy with catching up on work and errands that were postponed over the holidays. Now I'm back on track and I promise you more posts!

Let me dive into a quick update of what has happened over the holidays. Besides family gatherings and hanging out with friends, I did a lot of shopping. And I mean a lot.

My friend invited my boyfriend and I to the F & F sale at Holt Renfrew and boy do I owe that friend. I scored myself a pair of House of Harlow heels, a Burberry wallet, and my most prized purchase from the lot, a Burberry wool coat! It really is warmer than my previous wool Community jacket, which has since been 'adopted' by my younger sister.

Boxing day sales were so-so, I was nursing an eye infection while shopping around Vaughan Mills (I later found out it was a scratched cornea). I managed to get out unscathed from an overcrowded Aritzia and got a cashmere-blend sweater, my favourite Wilfred trousers in black, and one of those Talula bustier tanks. The boyfriend got me a pair of deerskin Minnetonkas which I am obsessed with! I also received accessories and warm wool socks from my mother.

Regarding my eye infection, I visited my opthalmologist who told me everything was okay until he dropped this yellow liquid into my eyes. The liquid revealed several scratches on my cornea, which would take a few weeks to heal. The scratches were most likely caused by my contact lenses, and darn it, I have no eye coverage with my work insurance. Oh well, let's hope the doctor's right and it heals by Feb 3rd. I'm off to a weekend at the cottage for snowboarding that weekend.

Onto more exciting news, I'm going to do a bit of travelling this year! Come late July, I'm off to Patrick's family reunion in San Fran, followed by Philippines for a couple of weeks with my family. I haven't been back home since 2004! I might also be going to NYC for a weekend in September.

Last but not least, my hair will be graduating from it's ombre phase. I'm in the process of finding out what shade of grey (yes, grey!) suits my skin tone the most. Well, maybe not a blue/violet grey, but more like a brown-grey...OK, maybe a very ashy brown. I was inspired by Kelly Osbourne--

I've told a few people about this idea and so far only the boyfriend likes it. He usually doesn't like me steering away from the norm, but after a few photo examples I've convinced him to like the idea. Now if only I could say the same about getting full bangs; though I'm getting long bangs cut along with the colour change.

I'm a little nervous, but that familiar feeling of excitement is back. Can't wait to show you guys how it turns out!


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