Mar 27, 2012

Happy Rant on Zara's Spring 2012 Collection

Stupid little me decided to visit the Zara website to check out the latest. Lo and behold, I'm pinning, clipping, and saving product photos to build a wish list. Darn you Zara for having such amazing spring pieces!!!

After going through the whole list of what's available this season (if they're not sold out already!), I've compiled the products I'd love to own in a set. Honestly, I can throw out everything in my closet, replace it with what you're about see, and I'd still have a full closet. Apparently I don't know what self-control is. Anyway, enjoy, because you're about to dive into one hell of a long series of covetable sets.

So much shoes, so little time... 

I actually managed to get a pair of the single toe-strap sandals in the upper right corner of the set below! 

 I've been eyeing that evergreen tote and the beaded bib necklace for a while now..

And we're back to shoes.

If these don't make you think about splurging and emptying your bank account, here's a few more to get you thinking about a second job (wah!)...

And here's some for the men in our lives:

Look! They're doing the bright pant/denim/trouser/chino trend too!

Are you heading to the nearest Zara ASAP to check out some pieces? I swear this isn't a sponsored post (but I sure wish it was! Zara, send me pieces? Pretty please?), I'm just too darn infatuated with their spring collection.

Have a good night!



    1. Isn't it?! The photo doesn't do it justice. I wore it just two weeks ago to a party. I'll post a photo real soon, either in my next post or I'll update this one :)

  2. What I love the most from Zara are its blouses and skirts. I don't own much from Zara, because it's way too popular in Spain (meaning everybody wears Zara :P ) but I must admit they have gorgeous things :)

    By the way, I’m hosting a giveaway in my blog: a very unique totebag from Romerobags. Feel free to participate in . Good luck!

    1. I can see why you wouldn't wear as much Zara in Spain :) Here in Canada we absolutely love Zara! If I could just buy everything in the store, I would (especially the spring collection)!

  3. Fantastisch, da weiß man gar nicht wofür man sich als erstes entscheiden soll.


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