Mar 14, 2012

Hot pink maxi.

Inspired by the amazing weather forecast, I decided to wear the hot pink maxi skirt I fell in love with back in November last year. The fabric has this nice satin feel to it, and it's amazingly soft and lightweight.

Wearing a military jacket from my Stitches-clothing-buying-phase ten years ago..

Finally got the boyfriend to take my photos for me. I'm not used to the whole tripod thing! Expect more outfit of the day posts now because I have a photographer.... hehe.

 I spy with my little eye the hand sanitizer in my purse!

I paired the bright skirt with a knit pullover (borrowed from my sister!), threw a belt on to cinch the waist, and my trusty glitter flats.

Also wearing cheapie sunglasses from H&M, my Fossil watch, and my everyday work bag from Zara.

Alright, hometime!


  1. LOVE this pairing! I have a dusty-rose coloured maxi and didn't know how to style it but I'm thinking of trying a cream sweater now. Any other suggestions?

    1. Thanks Lydia! In the spirit of spring pastels, why not try a sweater in a mint, pale yellow or cool blue shade? For a monochromatic feel, try burgundy. For pairing similar to mine, stick to off-white shades like cream or even taupe. Have fun! :)

  2. perfect skirt!!

  3. Love this skirt, where did you find it? Also, has anyone told you that you remind them of Jessica Alba!

    1. Thanks Christie! Can't say it's the first time someone's told me that, but I just don't see it! Hehe.. thanks for the compliment!

      And my maxi skirt is from the Gap. I love it too! It has this satin-y sheen to it which I looooove.


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