Mar 20, 2012

Pastel + Knit = Love

Are you guys excited about this amazing weather or what?! I just had to get myself a pair of pastel denim. The friends and family event at The Gap was on and so I got these pink pants and a crewneck rugby sweater:

GAP crewneck rugby sweater and pastel pants, ALDO wedges

The boyfriend has signed up full-on as photographer, taking random shots from every angle, and somehow the one above worked!


And p.s., I haven't mentioned it before, but I'm now's online brand ambassador! It's a online store that sells gorgeous dresses. Check the website out and if you want any updates and such by yours truly, click here to like ROSETTON on Facebook!

Say hi to a very dirty "Kleine"! My cute little Mini.

My dad cleaned him for me two days ago and today we took some photos of him, maybe I'll share more photos in a future post? 

Here's a sidestory on my how I got Kleine: I started shopping around for a car around late August last year and while I've been in love with the Mini since BMW started selling them, I know I couldn't have one. I was looking at the Volkswagen Rabbit, Volkswagen Golf City, Volkswagen New Beetle and the Fiat 500 Pop. After months of shopping around, I knew I still hadn't found the perfect car (you just feel it!). Then one weekend last month, my dad told me he went to go see a cream coloured Mini the week before! I was in shock since he's the one who told me a Mini was out of the budget. Anyway, he didn't like the one he went to go see and suggested I go see the black one pictured above. The weekend came to an end and right on Monday I went to go see the car. After I test drove it, I fell more in love than I already was just from seeing the photos online. I knew I couldn't buy the car without my dad seeing/inspecting it first so I put a down payment on it and waited until Friday when I would meet my dad at the dealership after work. Then four long days later, my dad test drove it around the block and when we returned the keys, I signed the papers. The next Wednesday, we picked up the car and Kleine was officially mine! By the way, the boyfriend helped me pick my Mini's name. Patrick knows how to speak a bit of German (he was born in Austria) and he suggested the word 'kleine', meaning 'small'. How fitting, right?! Anyway, I'm so in love, Kleine's my baby!

I hope you all have an amazing week!


  1. Those jeans look amazing on you!

    1. Thanks Nona! And they're comfy to boot!

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