Apr 17, 2012

Current Lust: Wedge Sneakers

I'm not one to wear sneakers; in fact I only have one pair of runners which are reserved for the gym. After seeing a tweet from the Jeffrey Cambpell twitter account @JCshoes, I feel like I have to go and grab a pair ASAP!

The trend started when it was revealed that the Isabel Marant sneakers Beyonce wore in her 'Love on Top' music video had a concealed wedge! Thank the fashion gods for such a piece; no longer will my legs look stumpy wearing sneakers in public!

Oh even Miranda Kerr wears them? Okay, count me in!

It was one of those things that I'd like to have but probably won't buy because I've worked out the cost-per-use.

But you know what? Maybe I'll start wearing sneakers (albeit the wedged type) more often. And besides, I'll be travelling to San Francisco and Philippines this summer and I think jet-setting in sneakers and delicate scallop shorts would look oh. so. cute.


  1. Ooh, don't really know how I feel about these! Sneakers aren't really my thing. Definitely intrigued though, time to try some on!
    Sharleena xx

    1. Sneakers weren't my thing either, but they sure are growing on me. I too need to try some on first, they might not even work for me haha! Next step: find a retailer that sells wedge sneakers in-store..

  2. I actually just blogged about this last week! Here: http://www.caviartaste.com/2012/04/do-or-dont-wedge-sneakers.html Honestly, I am still on the fence. But I am all about the Isabel Marant sneakers! Okay, actually they are totally growing on me! I may have to invest in a pair soon. I really like the Jeffrey Campbell ones as a cheaper alternative.


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