Jul 3, 2012

The Answer to My Shoe Storage Dilemma

Have you guys heard of the IKEA commercial about the midnight madness sale? Well, Patrick and I decided to brave the crowds and went in to shop. Thank gosh we went early, because by the time we left there were a bunch of people coming in.

Anyway, I decided to shop for a bookcase to house my shoes in. Lo and behold, I come out with an extra rolling organizer, but hey, I got myself a HEMNES bookcase at $50 off!

After about ten minutes of trying to fit the darn box in my Patrick's car (thank gosh we didn't take the MINI), we lodge the thing between the headrests between the driver and passenger seat and off we went to The Grill for dinner.

Once the weekend arrived, Patrick came over to help me build it (actually you can credit all the building to him; I handed him the pieces and grabbed all the tools), and here's the final result!

I'm thinking I may need another one for the rest of my shoes...

And here's a quick look at my vanity area. I'm still debating whether or not I should buy an actual vanity with the chair and all, or just buy a smaller/more decorative mirror to replace the one on there now..

First drawer is for makeup, second and third drawers are for shirts/tops/blouse.

And say hi to Lola!


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