Sep 4, 2012

Summer 2012 = San Fran + Boracay + Hong Kong + NYC

Here I am with my overdue vacation post! You'll see where I've been these past two months and at the end, a photo post of my treasured purchases!

SAN FRAN: July 20th - July 23rd

 A few minutes after this shot, a seagull swooped down and took my basket of calamari.

Patrick and I after a fun ride in the cable car!

 Her name is Filo! Such a cutie.

I'm actually wearing a maxi dress here. 
With the strong San Fran wind, it turned into genie pants.

The beautiful Golden Gate Bridge.

BORACAY: July 27th - July 30th

The fine, white sand beach of Boracay (Stn 1). We stayed at this amazing resort called Two Seasons.

We stayed at this resort called Two Seasons in Station 1. Before we decided which resort to live in during our stay, we were debating between a Two Seasons and a resort along Station 2. Let's just say paying the extra bit was totally worth it. Longer and cleaner shorelines, less people, and better service. I highly recommend Two Seasons in Boracay--the all-you-can-eat Filipino breakfast is one of my faves!

On our way to go helmet diving!

Going in! My heart was racing at this point.

And the 12 lb. helmet was placed down on my head.

HONG KONG: Aug 2nd - Aug 5th

At the amazing Hong Kong airport.. or is it a mall?

We stayed at Ramada Hotel Kowloon, right in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Everything was within walking distance, and I loved going into the little shops and finding little trinkets and treasures. The hotel service was good, though I did find our room smelled like cigarette smoke.

 Hong Kong Disneyland! I will forever love this place.

 At some point I wanted to cry because of how happy I felt being in Disneyland! 
I didn't realize the little girl in me was still capable of getting this emotional and excited about Disney. 
That place is truly magical!

 I tried my best to imitate Mr. Potato Head!

At Madame Tussaud's: How dare Mr. Bond touch my butt...

 The view from Victoria Peak. Looks like a postcard, doesn't it?!

 A little too excited about the food..

My gift to myself :)

NYC: Aug 31st - Sept 3rd

By the Conde Nast rear entrance. 
A man walked by as Patrick was taking this photo and 
whispered to me, "Good luck." Random, but made me think.

And now onto the goodies! I've made it a point to purchase something major wherever I travel (budget-permitting, of course). So here's what I've picked up:

From Hong Kong Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui:

Miu Miu bow bag in Light Grey

 The lining is silky and gorgeous!

From Barney's New York, Madison Ave, NY:
Isabel Marant Bekket sneakers in Gris

These could quite possibly be the last pair in New York City.

Before making the trip to Isabel Marant on Broome Street, I called the boutique in advance to see if there were any pairs available. They were completely sold out, the SA said. I looked into my notebook and called a Steve Alan boutique; they too sold IM sneakers. "We didn't buy that style for this season," was the SA's reply. I then remembered the IM SA recommended I call Barney's on 5th. I called, the SA said there was one in my size, and I asked to put it on hold. Then off to Barney's we went, I tried on the sneakers, fell in love all over again, and paid for it. Meant. to. be.

Other NYC purchases:
IM Bekkets. American Apparel circle scarf, sweater, leather clutch & lip balm.
H&M skirt & headband. J. Crew belt and magic wallet.
Michael Kors watch (early anniversary gift from the boyfriend).

And that's it for now!

Oh and p.s., in case you were wondering, I started a new job almost a month ago at The Shopping Channel. I now do the copywriting for!


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