Oct 29, 2012

Halloween Dolly

Friends threw a totally last-minute Halloween party Saturday night and I needed a last-minute costume. I remembered having some left-over pink hair dye in the cupboard and decided to be a doll of some sort. I'm not quite sure why the pink hair dye was necessary but hey, it won me third place!

First place: Clarizza as a present; Third: Myself as a ragdoll; Second: Arianne as an Anime character

I'm going to admit that I am liking having pink hair! It started from just dip-dyeing it in September last year, and now having had the excuse of dyeing the whole thing pink, I may just maintain the colour for a bit.

Hello from us!

Patrick's not into unusual hair colours but while I have dark blonde hair I might as well have fun with it! I used Color Jamz to get this hot pink but I will be going back to Manic Panic from here on out. Color Jams, when wet, will bleed like there's no tomorrow. I can't air dry my hair because it will leak pink everywhere!

A shot of our dinner from that night on Arianne's instagram (@ahhhhriez)

Zombie, ragdoll, nerd, sailor, present, soldier. Photo from Clarizza's album.

 Thanks Arianne for this photo! My prize and I.

And here's Patrick and I from the party we hosted from last year's Halloween--I was a VS Pink angel, and he was zipperface!

What did you dress us as? Are you dressing up?


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