Nov 21, 2012

Off to NYC I go!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've got a whole slew of posts coming, I promise! Does anyone read this anyway? Usually I base it on comments or lack thereof. Actually fine, I also judge readership based on my blog stats but hey, it's getting lonely here, so drop me a comment or two?

Anyway, I'll be off to New York again this weekend. I might as well get a place there while I'm at it, no? Actually who am I kidding, I'm not moving anywhere, at least not yet ;)

In the meantime, enjoy these random images about New York I found online. I'll be pulling outfits tonight or tomorrow night for the weekend since fall fashion is pretty darn huge especially in one of the world's fashion capitals.

Pretty darn accurate.

 Could spend the whole weekend here ogling at everything.

Till the next post, I guess!


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