Jan 21, 2013

Mascara Review: Diorshow Waterproof Mascara in Black 90 Jet Black

I'm always open to trying different types of mascara. At any given time I'll use three different tubes to achieve the perfect look. To me, the perfect mascara offers four things--lengthen, volumize, separate and is waterproof. Many brands out there claim to do just that with one tube, but I've found that hasn't been the case--I've tried at least over 30 different mascaras and I always have to layer different formulations.

I decided to give Dior's ever popular Diorshow Mascara. It's an award-winning formulation chosen by professional makeup artists as the mascara in their beauty arsenal.

It comes in non-waterproof and waterproof, $31 CAD from Sephora. I find that waterproof mascaras tend to hold curl better so I opted to try that one out. I've heard many good things about this mascara, and I'm about to find out if it lives up to the hype.

It claims to instantly thicken, lengthen and keep the seductive curve on your lashes.

At first glance, the tube is quite big, and the brush is thicker and wider than your average mascara brush/spoolie. But that makes sense because thick brush = big volume. The formula also isn't goopy or too runny, just the right consistency to grab the brush and glide on smoothly onto your lashes.

And it did just that. In just a few strokes, I had lush, separated, long lashes. My only complaint however is the size of the brush--it's very difficult to prevent it from smudging onto the eyelid.

In a few hours, I noticed that the mascara seemed to have migrated to my undereyes--talk about a raccoon look! My eyelids don't usually get oily (which may have caused the smudging) but for some reason, it's like the mascara couldn't handle it.

It's odd because the formula is pretty waterproof--at the end of the night I'd need waterproof eye makeup remover to take it off completely.

At this point I found a solution: apply another brand of waterproof mascara before layering on the Diorshow. Also, avoid using Diorshow on my lower lashes, unless it's Halloween.

Overall, I can work with this mascara. But if you ask me if it's worth the price tag, I'd say no. But then again I'm a great advocate of drugstore mascara. I'd probably buy another tube of Diorshow Waterproof  if they update the formulation to truly be waterproof.

Have your tried Diorshow mascara? What are your thoughts? What's your favourite waterproof mascara?

Leave me a comment and I'll check out your suggestions!


  1. I still prefer Avon, Simply Pretty waterproof mascara,been using this for so many years.I tried other brands but still go back to This brand...--Tita Millet


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