Jan 20, 2013

Protect your soles with Protect Your Pumps!

When I got my first pair of Manolos, knowing that they have leather soles, I knew I had to find a way to keep them pristine and undamaged. After a quick post on Instagram, I found out about this amazing product called Protect Your Pumps which does exactly that.

The lovely Kathryn sent me a trial pack so I can share with my readers this super neat option for keeping your soles un-scuffed. Perfect for red-sole Louboutin lovers and leather sole fans, the application is really simple and fool-proof.

A 3-Pair Pouch is $20, and that's the best deal since one pair rings up at $10. My 3-pair pouch came with three pairs of sole protectors, an instructions card, and the pouch itself.

To prepare your soles for protector application, make sure the soles are clean and dry. Grab a pair of scissors and a pen or thin marker. Two out of the three adhesive protectors came with a pre-drawn shape on them, but since my shoes are pointy-toed, I had to customize the shape.

The next step is to place the adhesive on the sole, paper side up. The reason for this is so it won't get confusing later on when you peel off the adhesive and notice it actually fits on the other shoe, and not the one you traced the shape with.

Determine the best angle to trace on; cover as much of the sole as possible.

Go ahead and trace the shape onto the paper side of the adhesive, taking care not to draw on the shoe!

Cut the shape out and place it against the sole of your shoe. If it's a little too big, now's the time to do some freehand trimming of the edges. Do it bit by bit--remember, it's easier to take off than to add on.

Once you've got the right size on your soles, go ahead and peel off the adhesive. Apply it carefully onto the soles of your shoes (one at a time, of course) and with the warmth of your hands, massage it onto the sole to help it stick on more securely.

Step back and admire your work--your soles are now protected! No need to fear that unforgiving pavement outside; no one comes between you and your soles!

I've worn the shoes at an indoor event and it's still stuck on there pretty well--once I wear them outdoors I'll post a full review. Keep an eye out for it!

Thanks to Kathryn from Protect Your Pumps for this sample.


  1. You cute your perfectly haha, my cutouts always look like I was drunk when cutting your shoes are perfect!

    1. Aww thank you! I'm sure yours aren't that bad!


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