Feb 13, 2013

Lunch Lady Chic

Back in Fall/Winter 2012 season, Jil Sander featured coated paper bags and for their menswear collection. Soon after, Céline came out with their own version of the rolled top clutch bag for Spring/Summer 2013. These luxe, soft, smooshy leather creations were originally conceived by Beth Goodman of Marie Turnor Accessories in LA. Usually made with high-quality leathers, these pieces can set you back a couple to a few hundred dollars.

1. Celine; 2. Marie Turnor $220 CAD, farfetch.com, shopbop.com; 3. Jil Sander $635 CAD, forzieri.com, forzieri.com.

After clicking open an e-mail notice from Zara about their new releases, I was super excited to have found an affordable alternative. I've been looking for a similar clutch but just couldn't justify paying hundreds of dollars for something that is designed to look like I carry my lunch in it!

The Zara version is made of polyurethane, which explains the lower price point. But I personally don't mind since it will probably be used as an everyday clutch come spring/summer time! Oh and it also comes in black (see below).

You can also make it a DIY project and head over to Le Fanciulle to make this simple, leather version:

Or if you're going for a more lunchbag-authentic look, ModCloth sells one that looks more like the real thing, except that it's not made of paper:

Are you planning on grabbing one of these clutches anytime soon or perhaps making your own? Let me know in the comments! x


  1. There is also this version in etsy, but I'm excited for the zara one.



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