Feb 22, 2013

Missin' The Cottage Life

I really don't think my mind and body's gone back to 'work mode' since returning from the cottage last weekend. I keep thinking about the mornings of waking up at 10 am, staying in bed 'til 10:30 am and finally getting up to yummy breakfast prepared by the cottagemates.

I went with Patrick's cousins and a few friends for four days and three nights at Blue Mountain. It was a fun, relaxing weekend until one out of two toilets broke down. Thankfully it was on our final night!

My first time playing Cards Against Humanity. Pretty awesome card game!

The yummy sangria my friend Arianne makes so well.

Super amazing breakfast! Minus the fried rice (gave it up for Lent!).

Rare steak for dinner one night! Delish.

Goodbye cottage from the hubs and I!

And it's finally the weekend again! I'm going to the Toronto Auto Show on Sunday and will sure be tweeting/Instagramming so keep up with me through Instagram at @hernameislola and Twitter at @alexisvalerie! x


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