Mar 1, 2013

My Day at the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show

I went to the 2013 Canadian International Auto Show last Sunday with my brother, my dad, Patrick and his dad. I've gone three years in a row so far and I absolutely love it each and every time. Though I don't have a lot of knowledge about car specs, it's still fun to see and get to sit in cars that would be waaay beyond my budget if I were shopping for a car today.

 My dream (attainable) car, BMW 1-series. Sad that 1Ms are no longer in production!

 Ferrari FF (Ferrari Four - four seats and four-wheel drive). Great family car, no? (Hehe)

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Fiat Abarth

I once wanted a Fiat. When I was searching for my first car, I entertained the idea of getting a Fiat Sport. I test drove it and everything, but I'm super happy about my MINI.

Nissan GTR

The past two times we've been to the Auto Show, the GTR was always inaccessible to the public. This year, we were allowed to sit in it!

Patrick and I sitting inside the GTR

Honda CBR sport bike

Behold the super sexy BMW M5, a.k.a. the hub's favourite. Also my favourite! I personally like this body (F10) as opposed to the earlier one (E60). There's a lot more definition and it just looks like a friggin' beast!

So cute taking detail shots with his phone :)

I've only ever called one car 'sexy'. This is it.

Mercedes Benz G-Class

McLaren MP4-12C

Before I fell for the Lamborghini Aventador (which they sadly didn't have at the show this year), this was my favourite. I watched the Top Gear video over and over and over.

Audi R8

Audi SQ5

Audi TT RS

If I wasn't totally into the 1-series, this would be my second choice. But when I sat in it, it didn't feel as 'at home' as the 1-series.

MINI John Cooper Works GP

Every year, I always look forward to visiting the MINI section. This year, they had the GP on display, and you can sit in it too (that's me in the photo)! It was such an amazing feeling sitting in the driver's seat, knowing that it was the fastest MINI ever made. If I could choose a car to take home from the show, this would be it.

Did you get a chance to visit the Auto Show this year? Which was your favourite car?


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