Mar 25, 2013

Shoe Lust Monday - Saint Laurent Tribute Two Patent Leather Pumps

I was never into the (then Yves) Saint Laurent Tribute pumps until one of my sisters bought a pair. The leather and craftsmanship on these shoes are impeccable. Such soft buttery leather and a strong base and heel on a super elongating shoe.

I once snuck into her room and tried them on and was convinced that I may in the near future grab myself a pair. But for now, it's on my Lust List (a girl's gotta save for Vegas, you know!).

The heel measures approximately 140mm/5.5 inches with a 40mm/1.5-inch concealed platform. $795 USD

The first Tributes didn't have the cap toe detail and I must say it's a welcome addition to this style. It definitely is a more updated look on the typical platform stiletto pump but still maintains a classic feel (a la Chanel!).

Anyway I'm off to do a round on the treadmill, I've been not so good on the fitness front within the past week and a half--I've been eating anything and everything and not working out and if I continue, I won't have the beach bod I'm after in time for summer! Which reminds me, the first day of summer is officially in 87 days!

Does anyone use the My Fitness Pal app? You can add me on there under I feel like the more people/friends I have on there the more motivation because my food diary is public! Wouldn't want you guys to see me eat super bad stuff so maybe that will help me fight the temptation!
Anyway, have a great Monday and catch you guys again soon! x


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