Apr 19, 2013

C is for Coronado

 photo 1_zps96ca4fda.jpg
Photos shot by Patrick Baluyut

 photo 2_zpscf39e94f.jpg

I can't understand the weather nowadays. Yesterday, it was at a low of 7 degrees C in the morning and then it jumped to 20 degrees in the afternoon. Messed up, I tell ya. How are you supposed to dress for that weather?! Full out winter jacket in the morning then a light parka in the afternoon??

 photo 3_zps73e4f501.jpg

These photos were shot by a small plaza and if you couldn't tell, there was a pretty chilly breeze. Thanks to the boy who was super patient when I was screaming the cold away in between shots ;)

 photo 4_zps5e38b3f0.jpg

Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend, and please don't forget to send me your skincare questions! I have until early next week to get all my questions ready for the LUSH skincare expert! Email me at a@alexiscoronado.com, or just leave me a comment below. x


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