Apr 17, 2013

Clean and Simple

 photo 1_zps593ed2b8.jpg
Photos shot by Patrick Baluyut

Yesterday was one of those days when I failed to plan my outfit the night before. So I pulled out my newest purchase from GAP (a pair of jeggings), threw on Patrick's cozy wool blend sweater and grabbed my fun shoes--a pair of Vince Camuto pumps.

 photo 2_zps05342e62.jpg
BF's sweater, Wilfred jacket, GAP jeggings, Vince Camuto pumps

I'm excited that the temps are starting to rise and that spring has finally reared its head! It was about time winter gave up and retired. I didn't have winter tires on my car this winter season and I would be terrified every time I had to drive anywhere. There are times when I wish I lived in sunny Cali so I could have easy-dressing weather all year-round and not have to worry about snow!

 photo 3_zpsb12556f8.jpg

I can't get over how comfortable these GAP jeggings are! They look and have the same effect as regular jeans but with the comfort of leggings. Amazing. And I got them on sale! I only own two pairs of jeggings because they usually don't have the same slimming and lengthening effects as regular denim but now I'll be shopping around for more jeggings from GAP.

 photo 4_zps9f7093f1.jpg
Vince Camuto heels I bought from the Petite Feet Sale in March

 photo 5_zps09a7a692.jpg
Michael Kors watch, H&M necklace

 photo 6_zps90754427.jpg
Still obsessed with snapbacks! I need a couple more in my collection.

And now I leave you with this weirdly embarrassing outtake:

 photo 7_zpsa3aa37ca.jpg

Patrick directed the whole shoot and suggested I try the above pose--which then resulted in the weird leg contortion. But hey, it might've turned out well though sadly it didn't... at least we tried! x


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