May 23, 2013

Maxing Out

Photos by Patrick Baluyut

We're nearing the end of May--crazy how time flies, we're almost halfway through the year! Next thing you know I'll be packing for Vegas.

 photo 2_zps28c0f2a5.jpg

 photo 3_zpsc125345a.jpg

You probably can't tell but it was so cold and windy when we shot this; but I can't complain--it helped accentuate my fun maxi skirt. This was also our fastest shoot, I think it took us less than a minute to shoot everything (we just wanted to get in, and get out, fast!).

 photo 4_zps685f4c54.jpg

The blazer is American Eagle, the men's shirt is from H&M, the skirt and sandals from GAP, and the bag is Alexander Wang. Such a sad fact about this bag: it's super heavy and after about a year and a half's use, the piece that held the shoulder strap ripped from the weight. I still love it though; the super smooshy leather and wicked bullet studs make up for it!

 photo 5_zps5c6243ba.jpg

Hope you all have a great weekend! xo


  1. I am lovingggg the way you're wearing the skirt. Happy Vegas in a few months! Wear comfy shoes and get a drink from one of the daiquiri stands for me ;)

    Amen Fashion †

  2. Thanks Macie! I'm excited for Vegas! I'm already planning out comfy but chic outfits for my trip. I'll find a daiquiri stand and have one for you ;)


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