May 31, 2013

Underwear as Outerwear + How To Tip

Underwear as Outerwear

In anticipation of my 5-day vacation in Las Vegas this coming August, I've been pinning outfit ideas to my Pinterest. But before I decided which pieces to pin, I quickly Googled August temps just to see what I'd be dealing with--which is an average of 39°C.

The 'underwear as outerwear' trend couldn't come at a more appropriate time; I figured this would the perfect time to rock that look! If you're jet-setting away to somewhere hot this year or will be spending a lot of time outdoors this summer, this one's for you too!

To prevent myself from (physically) melting in the desert heat, I found myself shopping around and pinning onto my board items that resemble or are real sleepwear picks. Naturally, light (but not chiffon-light) and flowing fabrics are an obvious choice, and I find myself drawn to silk, jersey and lyocell.

And forget about full-fledged bras in scorching 40-degree heat! I've been blessed with a small (aka flat) chest and won't have to worry about my girls 'falling out' in a non-padded, non-wired top. Talk about easy breezy!

One key thing to keep in mind however is that most lingerie items are practically see-through. Many stores now sell silk camis (think Zara and J. Crew) that are opaque enough to wear as tops. When you shop for pieces like these, use the same caution with bottoms/short/pants. A quick shopping tip: Aritzia has some amazing silk pants!

Another thing is to make sure the pieces have no cutouts or slit details (especially on shorts)--you'll want to keep the ensemble looking classy and modest since the pieces are already quite airy and sexy due to the chosen fabrics.

Will you be taking some time off this summer as well? If so, where to? Will you be incorporating this 'underwear as outerwear' trend in your outfit planning?


  1. I wear underwear as outerwear all the time! I love silky cami and silky pants, I can live in these seriously but it's so hard to find some around here ! Honestly it's so comfy and super stylish ... well I think sometimes people look at me like ... did she forgot something this morning ? ... never mind haha I bought some cute lingerie shorts at Zara recently, and I'll definetly buy some from Traffic People too.
    Have a awesome week end doll <3

  2. I love when an outfit makes people wonder and pieces like these will definitely turn heads! I agree that silky fabrics are so luxe and so chic! I have to make a trip to Zara and see what they have! I need to stock up for this summer! Hope you have a great weekend as well xo


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