Aug 26, 2013

Casual Fridays with Isabel

 photo cover_zpsd031065a.jpg
Photos by Patrick Baluyut

Happy Monday to you! Here's my outfit from casual Friday at work. I haven't worn my Isabel Marants for a long time and it seemed fitting to wear it again on a Friday.

I hope you're all having a great year so far--I know I am! It's amazing how time flies! We're now more than halfway through 2013. I hope you've achieved the goals you've set to have been completed by this time, but if not, keep going!

I have a Vegas trip recap post coming up, and another post revealing a major souvenir I took home with me! If you're following me on Instagram (@alexiscoronadocom), you may already know what it is, but if you prefer to follow me on my blog, then stay tuned!

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I'm wearing: J. Crew pullover, Zara shorts, Isabel Marant The Bekett high-top suede sneakers


  1. I'm wearing something soooo similar today! Don't have the IM sneakers though haha
    Love this outfit doll ! Hope you're doing fine :D


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