Aug 19, 2013

Why I Choose Shell Gas for my MINI

Let’s get serious here for a sec: one of the main things I credit with helping me get one step closer to my dream is my car. I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but my car is what gets me to where I need to be. I work a full-time, 9 to 5 job and usually have to rush out at 5 pm to make it to industry events.

I got my car about a year ago in February. I didn’t expect to have a MINI as my first car, but luckily fate lined up and I drove it out of the dealership a week after my test drive. Since this is such a special car to me, I should be expected to take good care of it.

While I may sometimes be late in getting an oil change, I make sure I take care of the engine by always filling up with high-quality gasoline. Since I’ve owned the car, I’ve only been filling it with Shell V-Power 91-octane gas.

Thanks to new technology, cars are now capable of being in service for up to an average lifespan of 10.8 years. That’s more than a 50% increase of the average length of new and used car ownership since 2001!

This means we can reap the benefits of our trusty cars for a longer period of time. As I’ve mentioned, a surefire way to extend your vehicle’s engine life is to ensure your engine gets what it needs which in my case is providing premium gasoline for a premium car. It helps in a number of ways, and one of them is less buildup of harmful and unwanted gunk on the engine’s intake valves. Simply put, high-quality gasoline can help protect your engine, resulting in better operation of the car over its lifespan. Over time, lower-quality gasoline can leave carbon deposits in critical engine parts like the intake valves and fuel injectors. Eventually this can affect the performance of your vehicle, leading to more than the usual scheduled maintenance, costing you more and more money as the years pass.

The US and Canadian Governments require a minimum level of cleaning agents to help control tailpipe emissions. Some fuels available in the market provide only the minimum standard, which may not be sufficient to protect the engine’s critical parts. Shell fuels have higher levels of cleaning agents than required by federal standards, helping to provide additional benefits for your car.

Now you may be thinking, Okay, so I’ll just buy premium 94-octane gas from so-and-so gas station. Not all premiums are created equally! Shell includes 5x more cleaning agents than required by the government. In fact, it can help remove deposits in your engine with just one full tank. This is not necessarily just with their premium 91-octane, but also their regular 87 and 89.

From personal experience, Shell has been good to my car/engine and I won’t try anything else unless I’m stranded and there are no Shell stations around.

As always, you should consult your car manual for the minimum required octane for your vehicle. Mine requires a minimum of 89-octane, but I put 91 to help keep my engine in tip-top shape.

Disclosure and Disclaimer - This blog post was facilitated by Shell Canada Limited via Glam Media Canada. While each blog author received some information from Shell's Technology Manager of North America Retail Fuels, the opinions expressed by each author are those of the author alone and may not be shared by Shell Canada Limited or its affiliates.

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  1. Because of this, I will be switching from Petro Canada (and their 5 cents off incentive) to Shell.


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