Oct 19, 2013

Fall's Here

I spent Canadian Thanksgiving in New Jersey with my family. I've been lucky enough that my boyfriend and I's respective families are integrated/close enough that his family from New Jersey opened up their home and asked us to stay at their place for the duration of our visit to New Jersey/New York.

When we're not exploring Manhattan, we're at Garden State Plaza in Paramus (my favourite shopping mall!) or at Woodbury (my second favourite!). You can tell fall has arrived when you realize you're reaching for a lot of dark colours.

L-R: Uniqlo ULD Jacket, H&M Skirt, H&M Fringe Dress, NYPD shirt from souvenir shop, J.Crew Matchstick Jeans, UGG Sheepskin Vest

World MasterCard Fashion Week/Toronto Fashion Week is coming up next week.. will I be seeing any of you there?? x

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