May 30, 2014

Packing with Rimowa

The RIMOWA Salsa Deluxe fits all this and more!

One of my favourite things about going away on vacation is packing. I tend to leave it until a couple of days before my departure date because of two reasons: one, to build anticipation, and two, so I won't pack anything I still want to use/wear on my last few days before vacay. Of course, packing procrastinators like me tend to need some guidance on making such a short timeline work.

I've also wondered if it's ever possible to pack a week's worth of outfits in a carry-on. Turns out, this can be done and stylishly so! I fell in love with Rimowa cases for their clean, sleek and lightweight design.

I asked Jaylene Majich of RIMOWA for some tips on how to pack efficiently. Click through to see her advice!

Do you have any secrets for packing a week’s worth of outfits in a carry-on case?
It is possible to pack for a weeklong trip in a RIMOWA carry-on case, it just takes a little planning. Before you pack, list what you will be doing throughout the week, including business meetings, client dinners, parties or casual events, allowing you to put together outfits ahead of time. Always try to pack simple essentials and double-duty items, such as shirts that can be layered, solid pants that can work either for business with a blazer, silk top and heels or as a casual outfit with a layered t-shirt, a scarf and flats. Accessorize with a few chosen necklaces, bracelets, one belt that can do it all, one scarf and a couple pairs of earrings. Accessories can really change a look, dressing up a casual outfit. All of the accessories should fit into a small zippered bag, any more shouldn't make the cut.

Once you have completed the planning and set aside the outfits, start packing and use every nook and cranny of the case. The RIMOWA Salsa Deluxe carry-on is equipped with the flex-divider on each side allowing you to compress the contents. Start by folding the clothing (not rolling) into one side of the case. Fold items flat and try not to fold too many times, therefore eliminating extra bulk. Start with larger items such as pants and blazers, and fill in the top with lighter items such as tank tops and scarves. On the other side of the case, fill it with odd-shaped items such as shoes and non-liquid toiletries. Try to pack only one pair of heels and one pair of flats, both in neutral colours. These can be stuffed into each other and don’t take up too much space.

Once you have all your clothes on one side of the case and odd-shaped items on the other, finish by filling in the extra spaces with socks and undergarments, the bag of jewelry and any other small items on your list such as a pyjama shirt or a small sweater that can roll into any open space.

How about toiletries?
Only take the basics needed for your beauty regime and keep liquid toiletries to a minimum. Since most hotels offer shampoo, conditioner and lotion, you don’t have to pack these. Bring a travel sized toothpaste, hairspray and perfume. Most items that traditionally come in liquid form also come in other forms as well. Bring facial cleansing wipes that lather when wet, hand sanitizing wipes and powdered makeup. Always remember that in a pinch, you can visit the local drugstore for what you need.

Inside your shoes insert any toiletries that don’t have to be pulled out during the security check, including a small hairbrush and a small baggie of other toiletry items such as dental floss, facial cleansing wipes and hair ties. For any other non-liquid toiletries and small items, use zippered bags and find a space in the bag to stuff the items, perhaps beside shoes or in between clothing items.

Any tips on keeping things organized?
The flex-dividers in the suitcase allow you to compress your items into the case. That way there is no fear of having them fall out when opening and closing the case. RIMOWA also provides shoe bags and laundry bags if you feel the need for added organization. When packing a carry-on, though, you can save space by using a simple, empty case with minimal accessories.

What’s the best way to pack shoes?
Always pack one of each type, therefore one heel or wedge, one pair of flats and maybe a pair of runners you plan on going to the gym. What’s important to remember is that just because you don’t have a vast array of shoes, doesn’t mean that your outfits can’t be fashionable. For example, pack a pair of black pumps that can work for day or night, one pair of flats that can give a professional yet casual feel to an outfit at night, and wear your running shoes or slip on shoes when you fly as you will want to head through security quickly. When you carry-on for a week, this may not be the place to pack your colourful spring heels, unless of course they are the one pair of heels for the week that work with every outfit.

Bringing these bad boys with me!

How far in advance should you pack for a trip?
Plan your outfits and pack a couple days before your trip so that you don’t feel rushed to throw items together. This will allow you time to try your ensembles on. You can always revise what you have packed the day before your trip.

Name one thing you should never forget while packing.
This may seem like the obvious item, but too often people forget their passport when they pack or at the airport they realize their passport has expired or will expire during their trip. Remember to check the expiry date on your passport before a big trip and put it with your case.

Secondly, don’t forget your chargers! Whether it’s a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or camera… you’ll probably need to charge it at some point.

What’s your best/most important traveling tip?
Bags with wheels are amazing! A duffle bag might seem more agile but the silenced smooth rolling Multiwheel® system on a RIMOWA case, enables optimum manoeuvrability and makes it particularly easy to steer the case over any terrain, in the airport or on the street.


Stay tuned, I'm posting about my travel beauty essentials next! x


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