Jun 1, 2014

Beauty Essentials for Summer

Here's what I'm taking with me to Punta Cana--only bare essentials allowed! Click through to see the details.

A minimum of SPF 15 is a must, as well as hydrating oil. I love the texture of Ombrelle sunblock, non-greasy and leaves a hint of shine. I'm taking my The Body Shop Monoi Oil with me--the scent and the moisturizing effect is the perfect complement to a warm, summer night.

Medium or heavy foundation won't cut it, tinted moisturizer with SPF is the way to go. My go-to is NARS's Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer. I've been using this for the past few years, and I always keep two shades with me just in case I need to customize my shade. In case you were curious, I use Alaska and St. Moritz.

While powder blush makes sense because, well, powder mattifies the skin, I like the glowing, dewy effect of cream blush. My favourite is Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge For Lips And Cheeks in Calypso Coral.

With the rest of my face sporting a more muted look, all the attention can go to my eyes. I like to make sure my lashes are curled and nicely coated with waterproof mascara. While I've tried a few high-end brands, nothing beats drugstore mascara. The affordable price point makes it easier on the wallet since you have to replace mascaras every six months.

I never forget to bring lip balm with SPF. Lips need sun protection too! You can find Kiehl's Lip Balm SPF 15 in my beach bag.

Last but not least, a pair of sunglasses! I've had this pair by RETROSUPERFUTURE for a while now, and it's still one of my faves!

Anyway, I'm off to the catch a few Zzzs before my 9am flight, catch you a week! In a meantime, follow me on instagram: @alexiscoronadocom


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