Jul 17, 2014

Birthday Dinner Outfit + Quick Rant on Copacabana on Adelaide St.

It's been over a month since I've been away on vacation and was craving a getaway.
So thankful that Patrick booked us a staycation in the city (Toronto)!

But so disappointed in the new Copacabana on Adelaide St.

We stayed at The Hilton--after every stay I have no complaints. Great service all around,
and I can't say getting an upgraded accommodation had nothing to do with it!

This was the H&M dress I wore to dinner at Copacabana. We had the Summerlicious menu,
which was delicious, but we're highly disappointed with the service at the Adelaide St. location.
We've been to the Niagara Falls location once, and the Eglinton Ave. location more than twice,
but we have never experience bad service until now.

If you've never been to Copacabana, it's a Brazilian steakhouse where it's essentially all-you-can-eat
meat. There's a buffet table for sides such as rice, salads, pastas, etc., and they have servers walking
around with large skewers of different types of meat and they come around your table asking if you'd
like a slice (or two).

The past times we've had dinner at the other locations, we'd never have to wait for the meat to come
around. In fact, we'd have a pile of meat on our plates that we'd have to ask the servers to come
by again in a few, once we've had a chance to make a dent.

But this location was different. The service was slow to begin with, and it got to the point where
the servers would come around every ten minutes or so if we were lucky. A few times they actually
skipped our table! Now you're probably wondering why we didn't just flag the servers down. Well,
from our experience with the rest of the locations, you'd never have to flag anyone down. That's
just not how we've experienced Copacabana in the past. And it wasn't like the restaurant was busy! 
In fact there were lots of empty tables around us.

Truly disappointed in this location and I much prefer the Eglinton one instead. Same food,
same taste, same price but better service.

Sorry to squeeze in a rant in my post! x

I'm wearing: H&M Conscious Collection dress, Aldo wedges, Alexander Wang Rocco bag


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